Marlene Shigekawa is a Board Member and the Project Director for the Poston Community Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the history and stories of the Japanese American community imprisoned at the Poston Confinement Site located on the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) reservation.  Collaborating with the CRIT Tribal Council, she has been responsible for the completion of several projects including:  digitizing oral histories, relocation of a Poston barrack, producing a documentary film and restoring historic adobe classrooms at the Poston site.  Also, serving as the Development Director, she has secured funding from federal agencies, private foundations and individual donors to implement these projects.

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Poston Barrack Relocation (2010)

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Stabilization efforts at the Poston Elementary School Site I,

a National Historic Landmark (2017)

Poston Pilgrimage (2018)